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An historic building from the 1920's, Mounds Theatre is recognized as one of St. Paul's most haunted locations by the many psychics and ghost hunters who have visited it. Three resident ghosts remain within its walls as well as the nameless shadows that roam the aisles and the visiting spirits who have been seen sitting in the auditorium to watch shows alongside the living audience members.



For one hour you and up to 24 other people will have two experienced paranormal investigators walk you through the theatre in near darkness. For that hour, you'll learn the history of the building and hear the stories of the resident spirits, they will also answer your questions and help you ghost hunt yourself. The tour includes several pauses for evidence gathering and invitations for activity, so don't forget to bring your camera, voice recorder or video camera and attempt to catch your own evidence!

Special Tour Event: During every tour we will be giving you an opportunity to try and speak to the theatre ghosts and hear their replies in audible EVP form! The Ghost Box radio scanner is thought to allow you to have a chance at hearing responses to your questions in real-time. - this is purely unproven technology, so we leave it to you make your own minds up about it's validity.

Warning -One of our theatre ghosts can be very vocal with women, he can be quite explicit in the words he uses. If you are easiliy offended, you can request to do something else during the Ghost Box demonstration


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Fund Raising

Each tour event is being held to raise funds to support the continued running and operation of the Historic Mounds Theatre, a charitable 501©3 organization. Please visit their website to find more about their valuable work in the community -


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Just one of the strange figures captured on film
at the Mounds Theatre. Could this be the usher who still watches over visitors to the theatre?

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